Changing Your Vibrational Frequency of Emotions

There is a rhythm within you that differs from others around you.

Just as a radio station has a specific frequency assigned to it’s channel, so does every individual.

To find your own unique rhythm, or frequency, you must first determine your current state of emotions.  How are the emotions attached to your rhythm patterns?


Every emotion is tuned with a specific vibration or frequency.

Your emotions and energy vibrations

For example, according to “Finding Authentic Happiness” the highest emotional frequency is the emotion of Serenity of Being, where the polar opposite, being the lowest emotional frequency, is the emotion of Body Death. 

Depending upon your own emotional health and well-being you will find your Self somewhere along the polar scale.

When you find your Self in a lower rhythmic pattern, such as the emotion of fear, you are creating similar fearful experiences in your life. If feeling fearful over an outcome or result or if fear prevents you from obtaining or achieving something in life you desire, then you are dancing with the frequency of a low level rhythm pattern.

If you are ready to prepare your Self for change, one must take charge of their emotions.

The mind is very powerful and houses all your beliefs and programming.  To shift your unique rhythm, you need to flip the switch to a higher frequency emotion.

Staying with our example of fear, one might choose to rise their rhythm to the emotion of Mild Interest or Contentment.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, this we know, yet, as humans having a Soul-full experience, it is recognized that change is a process.

One which must be consciously practiced until it becomes a new program.  When you are moving from one frequency to another, it takes time.  You will begin to discover your own rhythm and with each step up the emotional polarity pole, you soon begin to see changes manifesting in your external world as well.

Emotions are the key to unlocking and raising your own unique rhythm.

How to increase your unique rhythm

To increase your unique rhythm, is to create the life which you desire.  Remember, the higher the rhythm pattern, the easier it becomes to create that which you desire!

To have Courage, your frequency has moved to that of a higher rhythm of 200 Hertz, up from that of fear at 100.

As you dance with your rhythm action steps are required for you to move from fear to courage. Then, after you have successfully completed this conscious rise in your rhythm, you take another step, to Willingness at a frequency of 310.

With each new step you take, raising your frequency, shifting your unique rhythm, you are creating new aspects in your life.  With practice, commitment and dedication to the improvement of bettering your life, you open your Self to receive higher emotional frequencies and a better quality of life.

Look at your life today, in it’s current state.

Ask your Self the question, “Do I have all that which I desire?”

Chances are you will answer this question with a big, fat, No!!


This is because, as humans, we seek possessions and conveniences, we want what we want and we want it now!!  However, most are unwilling to do the work.  To spend the necessary time and to take the necessary action to create a conscious shift in awareness by raising the frequency of their emotions and therefore, increasing their own unique rhythm pattern….

Go ahead, make those changes today, raise your frequency by shifting your emotions and create the life you desire!!