Holiday Blues… What to Do to Cheer Yourself Up?

16716251_sMany people seem to get the Holiday Blues at this time of year.

There could be several contributing factors including time change, weather change and season change.

When looking at yourself from an holistic point of view it is healthy to try to discover the circumstances or events that seem to trigger your holiday blues or add to the already feelings of gloom.

For example, you can ask yourself some simple questions:

  1. Are these feelings new feelings or reoccurring feelings?
  2. If they are new uncomfortable feelings, what triggered off these feelings
  3. Exactly how would you describe your blue feelings?
  4. Are my holiday memories from childhood happy or not so happy?
  5. Do I feel stressed about so much more activity and expectation during the holidays?
  6. Do I feel stressed out about money and how to pay for everything?

How to manage your emotions

Managing your emotions during the end of the year holidays can be challenging but not out of the question.

There are several simple techniques that can help with stress, anxiety, depression or fears that you might feel at this time. These techniques have been effective for many people all the time but particularly during the holidays when self-expectations and expectations others place upon us are accelerated.

Think to yourself that you feel calm, happy, relaxed and tranquil.

Say this to yourself as many times a day as you can imagine. Then add in “I feel blissful” and see yourself smiling from deep within.

Breathe as deep as you can

Find a nice quiet place such as alone in your car, in an elevator, on a brief walk, in the basement, in the bathroom or in your backyard.

Just find a place where you can do some deep breathing for 3-15 minutes.

The key is to focus on your breathing.

Notice the exact place the breath enters your body and the exact place the breath leaves the body. Feel your attention become more and focused on your breathing. Allow your awareness to focus on inhaling slowly and deeply and exhaling slowly and deeply. Allow your mind to focus on the natural rhythm of your breathing.

Feel the air going as deep as possible and nourishing your body, mind and spirit.

Relaxation state

While you are breathing if you are sitting or lying down you might try this simple but powerful exercise to enhance your state of relaxation.

Simply roll your eyes back in your head as if you are trying to look out the back of your head. Rolling your eyes upward should begin to produce an alpha brainwave state.

Continue breathing and rolling your eyes upward and allow the relaxation to engulf your body. Begin to feel your whole body slowing down, unwinding and feeling safe, calm and deeply relaxed.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and use your imagination to see yourself in a fun, safe and comfortable place.

Look at see if your favorite people are there.

Allow yourself to have a great experience with your loved ones or friends or other favorite people in your life. See yourself smiling, laughing and feeling happy.

Remember how good it feels to be happy and care free.

It is wonderful.

Open your eyes and take the feelings from those happy thoughts with you and hold onto them for the rest of the holidays. Smile and others will return the gift, what an easy way to share something meaningful with others. Anything is possible in your imagination — visit it frequently.