How to Get More Clients by Listing Your Practice Here…

11379749_mDear Holistic Practitioner, why list your practice on Alternative Medicine Now?

Because here the focus is on YOU.

In fact, this site was designed with only ONE goal in mind… to connect you with people in your area who are looking for what you do so you can get more clients and help more people.

In fact, right now the site generates about 90 leads per month (not counting phone calls), and those referrals get emailed to holistic practitioners like you…

“As an Alternative Healer and EFT Practitioner, it can be challenging to find the perfect place to ‘Introduce’ yourself to the world. I found Alternative Medicine Now quite by accident and I am so happy I did.

Within 2 weeks I received 2 clients, which in itself is great but what I love the most about building my client base through Alternative Medicine Now Listings is the people that are finding me are ‘tuned in’ and wanting to take the Alternative direction. I can’t recommend Alternative Medicine Now enough!”

~ Judy Zobrosky, Harmonic Living Now

Web Marketing Done For You…

Each month more:

  • articles and videos are published on the site
  • visitors find us using Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines
  • people find and “Like” Alt Med on Facebook — please like Alt Med Now, too! >>
  • practitioners get listed… and FOUND (938+ practitioners to date)

And as the site continues to grow so does your ability to get new clients who are actively searching for you online.

That’s because we…

  1. target “locally-based keywords” relevant for your practice
  2. make it easy for web visitors to find your contact information
  3. send you referrals when people in your area “request more information”

green quote“Thanks Michael, and thank you so much for the referral! I’ve already met with the client & its a good fit for both of us.  Have a blessed day!”

~ Daron Hannan

What’s more, because the site educates visitors about holistic therapies and treatment options they are motivated and ready to speak with a practitioner like you.

An Active and Growing Community

Now before you sign up today let me tell you exactly what this site can do for your practice so you know it’s right for you.

After all, advertising online only makes sense if the site you choose to list your practice is up-to-date… and active. So go ahead and review the article archive and notice how often and consistently articles are published on the site.

And shared with our growing Facebook following

“Hey Michael, just wanted to let you know that I just got a new client from the article you shared on your Facebook page. In fact, she said that she saw the article 2 weeks ago, clicked the link to my site and filled out my web form. So thanks so much for sharing, and so glad that I decided to list my practice on your site.”

~ James Vera, Miracles Hypnosis Center

In fact, check out our Facebook page and see for yourself when the last update was posted there. And how often updates are viewed, shared and liked.

What’s more, unlike other directories that display practitioners on one big “laundry list” of a page, we actually make it super easy for folks to find your practice.

Better still, when they do find your listing your contact information is easy to read.

And your listing links directly to your website.

Finally, we invite you to join this active community as well. Share your articles, events, specials, classes and other updates directly with our readers since we’ll post them on the site for you along with sharing your news with our growing list of Facebook followers.

What other holistic practitioner directory does all this for you?

Get Listed Today So You Can…

Get more phone calls to your office / practice
Get more traffic to your website
Get more referrals when people request information in your area
Share upcoming events, programs and classes — email me and I’ll do the rest!
Submit articles to the site — I’ll add images and keywords for YOU!
Connect and share with a growing Facebook community
Receive my “Quarterly Practitioner Marketing” newsletter
Grow your practice

A video testimonial from Mark Shepard, CHt, NLPT…

Think of it this way… if you only get ONE new client a year your membership has already paid for itself, and then some, because the annual fee to list your practice is very affordable.

To get started simply use the “add to cart” button below. Once your payment is processed you will automatically be redirected to a web-page where you can enter in your practice details and contact information for your website listing.

It’s that easy…

List Your Practice for 1 Year, Only $99

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It typically only takes one business day for your listing to get published.

Do you practice more than one specialty?

No worries. You can list your practice on the website for up to 3 healing modalities for the same, low annual fee.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions feel free to call me (Michael) at 888-542-2936. And if I’m not available to take your call please leave a short but detailed voice message and I will get right back to you when I’m able.

You simply cannot afford not to list your practice on the site.

“Thank you for the referral Michael. I’ll do my best to take care of her. [Name withheld] that was sent by you graduated from my program a while back and is doing really well. A big thanks to you!

~ Hang Boge – Stretch Your Potential

My goal is to help you… help more people

Why am I so personally committed to this goal?

Quite simply, because I have personally experienced the transformative power of “alternative” therapies in my own life

  • when a Chiropractor took care of my mom’s frozen shoulder
  • when a Nutritionist helped my dad clear up a chronic digestive problem that doctors said would require surgery
  • when a friend and gifted NLP practitioner helped me overcome agoraphobia and crippling phone anxiety that prevented me from growing my business and providing for my family

I have benefited tremendously from so-called alternative therapies. And though I’m not a healer, I am passionate about what you do and your ability to help people overcome the health-issues that are holding them back or preventing them from living happier, and healthier, lives.

The tide is turning…

More and more people are beginning to consider alternative therapies as a way of feeling, and getting, better rather than pain or symptom management. More people want to uncover the root causes of their health issue — they want healing, not pills.

“Thank you Michael… and I am very impressed with your site and happy to have found it to market my Abundance/EFT practice. I also look forward to submitting articles to your site.”

~ Michele Vallone, LCSW – Creating Abundance Always with EFT

That’s the focus, and my personal commitment to you.

I look forward to helping you grow your practice AND make a positive impact in your community, and our world. Together we can each make a difference.

Peace, joy and prosperity,

Michael Guerin
Success Marketing, LLC