EFT for Insomnia


In this short video Julie Schiffman discusses how EFT can help for people who suffer with insomnia. As anyone who struggles with insomnia knows, it’s more than frustrating when you cannot benefit from restful sleep at night. Now, EFT can be very effective for helping with insomnia, but it will take some “detective work” on… 

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We Are All Alike!


Just recently I watched a sweet and also a little bit silly romantic comedy, where a man was trying to pursue a young woman to choose him over his extremely wealthy and handsome competitor. The young woman told him that the rich competitor had promised to take her on his own private yacht to every… 

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Acupuncture Websites and Getting More Clients


In this short video I share tips for how to get more clients thru your website. When it comes to acupuncture websites make sure you have a clearly marked page called “Contact.” And give people more than 1 way to contact your office. In this video I share my frustrations in working with holistic practitioners,… 

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