Medical Marijuana and Anxiety?


As a holistic practitioner specializing in anxiety I have used both hypnosis and NLP to help numerous clients finally stop anxiety for good. Recently however, someone asked a question about the use of medical marijuana for anxiety. And over the years I’ve heard two basically different stories. For some anxiety sufferers (like the person in… 

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The Health Benefits of Tai Chi


Tai Chi Ch’uan, translated to mean Supreme Ultimate Fist, is an ancient form of Chinese martial art originating in the Wu Dang Mountains. Legend has it that after a Shaolin monk witnessed a fight between a crane and snake he began to develop this martial art’s circular movements based on how the crane defended itself… 

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Can Acupuncture Help Anxiety?


In this video Brighton Roper, a licensed acupuncturist, discusses how you can treat anxiety and stress with acupuncture. It’s relatively easy to treat stress through acupuncture because it help calm your mind and creates a sense of relaxation. And in terms of Chinese medicine anxiety is typically regulated by the “heart” or “spirit.” Enjoy… I… 

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You are Important


Who doesn’t want to create balance and peace in their life? Usually we can find this fulfillment when we are following our spiritual path. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stay on this path without getting sidetracked or lost. Focusing on the following 3 components, which have been passed on from the Akashic Records, will enable you… 

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