Five Basic Reflexology Techniques


In this video Chantel C. Lucier, ARCB Certified Reflexologist at, shows you the four (4) basic reflexology technique, plus one. The techniques she’ll show you in this video are: thumb walking finger walking a hook and back up rotation on the point the press and slide (bonus technique) Would you like more information about… 

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Becoming a Yoga Teacher and Mistakes to Avoid


There are many adjectives that are associated with the word ‘yogi’, such as ‘calm’, ‘tranquil’ ‘peaceful’ etc. But what if you aren’t any of these things? What if you have a short temper, you bounce of the walls of every building you enter and are generally quite on edge with life? Does this make you… 

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The Benefits of Reiki


Reiki is a non invasive healing modality, based on the body’s energy fields and the energy of the practitioner. This ancient Japanese method of healing has reciprocal effects. In other words it can benefit not only the client but the practitioner. This modality uses energy to heal the body. As a practitioner at a large… 

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