NLP for Stress and Tension


In this video Mark Shepard, NLPT, shares some tips to help you to relieve stress and tension. And though NLP provides you with tools designed to help you “master your mind for a change,” some of the tips Mark shares are intended to get your body involved as well. Enjoy… I hope you found this… 

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The Health Benefits of Meditation


In this video you’ll discover some of the health benefits of meditation. For example, many studies have shown a direct correlation between your stress levels and your health. Shingles, for instance, is often triggered in older adults because their immune system isn’t working at full capacity because of increased levels of stress. Additionally, meditation aids… 

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4 Tips to Choose the Best Holistic Health Practitioner


The world of medicine is progressing fast. Together with this progress is an ever improving research in medication and treatment interventions. However, in the eyes of holistic health practitioners, state of the art medical equipment and new drugs will never suffice in providing for the optimal health of a sick individual. This basic principle in… 

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