Hypnosis Training in Wayne, PA


Success, love, and money don’t come from wishes – these happen when your inner mind is retrained to overcome limiting beliefs. When you learn hypnosis, you step into the fascinating world of your subconscious mind. During your training you will practice both as the hypnotist and client. (Experiencing hypnosis as a client helps you to understand… 

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EFT for Depression


In this video rather than focusing on depression, you’ll see how EFT can help with happiness. As you watch the video follow along and tap along with Brad Yates. Remember, it’s important to verbalize your affirmations out loud as you tap along. In other words, don’t just follow along and repeat your affirmations “quietly” inside… 

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What is a Miracle?


Many of my clients feel stuck in their life and circumstances. They are asking for change and often for miracles. Indeed, who hasn’t asked for a miracle at one point or another in their life? The question is, will the experience of such a miracle really be the answer you are looking for? Let’s first… 

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Yoga for High Blood Pressure


In this short video you’ll see some yoga techniques that may be able to help lower your blood pressure. Yoga breathing techniques can help to reduce blood pressure by helping your body to relax. Enjoy… I hope you found this video helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below… Would you like… 

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Why Choose a Naturopathic Doctor?


In this video Dr Sherina Sha, a naturopathic doctor, shares some reasons why you might choose a naturopathic doctor. Essentially, naturopathic medicine seeks to treat the root cause of your disease or illness. It combines both traditional, ancient wisdom and modern scientific research. Given the right conditions for health your body has the ability to… 

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