Does Sound Healing Therapy Work?


There is science behind the efficacy of sound healing therapy. In fact, according to string theory… “strings can oscillate in many ways. On distance scales larger than the string radius, each oscillation mode gives rise to a different species of particle, with its mass, charge, and other properties determined by the string’s dynamics.”(From Wikipedia) In… 

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Craniosacral Therapy 101


What is craniosacral therapy? Craniosacral therapy, or CST, utilizes therapeutic touch to regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by manipulating the cranial sutures or synarthrodial joints of the cranium. It is believed that by slight pressure and manipulation of the joints various organs and your immune systems can be balanced. “The Breath of Life” Sensitive… 

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Usui – Holy Fire Reiki I & II Classes


This class is for YOU if you are interested in learning an effective method for relieving stress and anxiety, reducing pain, and promote healing. If you are looking for something to help you with spiritual growth, this class can help you. In class you will review the traditional Reiki hand positions used for yourself and… 

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Think You Hate Yoga?


So I meet people all the time who ask me about being a yoga teacher, my classes, my training, practice etc. When I ask if they have ever tried yoga, in their polite, well-mannered, I-mean-not-to-offend fashion, they often reply “I’m just not a yoga person”, or “it’s just not my cup of tea.” I appreciate… 

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