Spiritual Empowerment


Most of us are on the path of self-discovery, trying to become healthier, happier and more successful individuals. During this process we often give our power away to outside sources, without really being aware of it. We care too much about what others think of us. We want to manifest things and lifestyles that will… 

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Energy Balance the Key to Better Health


Energy means calories. Energy balance is the balance of calories consumed through eating food and drink compared to calories burned by physical activity. ENERGY IN is what you eat and drink and ENERGY OUT the amount of what burn during physical activity. Just by breathing air and digesting food a certain amount of calories are… 

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An Interview About the Effectiveness of Skype Hypnosis


In this audio interview (and powerpoint) I discuss the effectiveness of phone and skype hypnosis with James Vera, CCH of Miracles Hypnosis Center located in Cheshire, CT. During our interview James explained why he chose hypnosis to help clients, and why skype and phone hypnosis is so effective in helping people to relax and get… 

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