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1413579_sIf you are a holistic practitioner why consider submitting articles to the site?

Because there is no better way to get found AND showcase your expertise than by sharing what you know with people who are actively searching for what you do online.

In fact, imagine for a moment the effect on your practice of having even one of your articles found on wikipedia or webMD.

Of course, you can’t submit content to those website because they don’t want, or need, your articles. And good luck posting on article directories like or hubpages because a Google update in September, 2013 actually penalized people who posted content there with links back to their website.


Sadly, because most article directories are chock-full of bad content — articles that are too short to be considered content, or ones that are copies of copies, or posts that have simply been copied from other websites.

So what can you do to promote your practice online?

The Alt Med Difference

Alternative Medicine Now is growing.

Each month we get more Facebook followers (more than 1200 as of this writing) and get more pages listed on page 1 of Google.

Now, I’m not guaranteeing you that submitting articles here will lead to internet riches.

What I can tell you is that articles posted here, and shared on our Facebook page, get found. In fact, if you look at the “Popular Posts” section of the website (located on the right hand side) you’ll notice that most of the articles that appear there were published 1, 2 or 3+ years ago.

“your SEO places your company at the top of search result lists where big business resides.”

~ Deb Escalante

As a featured contributor you can showcase your practice because ALL articles are…

Keyword researched and optimized
Professionally edited
Posted with an author bio and link to your website
Submitted to digg, twitter and other social media sites
Shared with our Facebook fans

Can you see how posting here can help grow your practice?

“Within 2 weeks I received 2 clients, which in itself is great but what I love the most about building my client base through Alternative Medicine Now Listings is the people that are finding me are ‘tuned in’ and wanting to take the Alternative direction. I can’t recommend Alternative Medicine Now enough!”

~ Judy Zobrosky, Harmonic Living Now

The Featured Contributor Program

There are four levels of membership based on how many articles you would like to share with our readers and Facebook followers: Novice, Beginner, Pro and Expert.

Your membership level corresponds to how many articles you can submit in a given year:

  1. Novice = 1 article
  2. Beginner = up to 6 articles
  3. Pro = up to 12 articles
  4. Expert = unlimited submissions

Each article you submit must meet our editorial guidelines before it is published on the site.

Please understand that this program is only open to holistic practitioners who are actively engaged in providing holistic health services to clients and patients. 

If you have any questions please send an email to:

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