Ways to Relieve Stress


Massage – The Healing Touch

I recently mentioned to a friend that I had regular massages. Her response was “Oh, I see a chiropractor if my back hurts, I don’t have time for that.” Like many others, she didn’t understand that massage is a powerful tool in the healing arts. I … Continued...

The Benefits of Yoga


5 Things That Make a Great Yoga Class

Whether or not you're new to yoga it's important to find a great yoga class. After all, part of what helps you to "do" yoga on a regular basis (daily or weekly) is the sense of community of belonging to a great class and the connections you make with the people … Continued...

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Tips for Aging Well


Have a “Wellness Weekend”

Good health and aging well isn't about having good genes. Nor is it dependent on luck, either. Wellness is about your lifestyle. And though it’s nice to indulge in a glass of wine or two, maybe some chocolate and a "duvet day" once Friday night hits, … Continued...


Hypnosis to Lower Blood Pressure?

We have all watched enough television to know what it means when the physician asks the nurse, “what is the blood pressure?” We even think we know what the doctor is talking about, but do we really? Monitoring your blood pressure is simple and … Continued...