Ways to Relieve Stress


The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Ch’uan, translated to mean Supreme Ultimate Fist, is an ancient form of Chinese martial art originating in the Wu Dang Mountains. Legend has it that after a Shaolin monk witnessed a fight between a crane and snake he began to develop this … Continued...

The Benefits of Yoga


Yoga for High Blood Pressure

In this short video you'll see some yoga techniques that may be able to help lower your blood pressure. Yoga breathing techniques can help to reduce blood pressure by helping your body to relax. Enjoy... I hope you found this video helpful. Please … Continued...


Understanding Yoga from A-Z: The A’s

If you're looking for a better understanding of Yoga you can start by thinking about four ‘A’ words in yoga. They are... Asana Alignment Activation Alertness & Awareness Let's take a closer look at each one... 1. Asana According to Patanjali, … Continued...

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How Happiness Affects Your Health

The link between mental and physical well-being is becoming more and more apparent. That fact is undeniable. And we all know of that one person who is so stressed, either at home or at work or usually both, that their go to snack is a bottle of antacid. While … Continued...