Ways to Relieve Stress


The Mystery of Qigong

I became acquainted with Qigong over 15 years ago at a Unitarian Universalist church service. A practitioner was giving demonstrations after coffee hour and I was curious. I had no expectations, nor did I realize we would be practicing … Continued...

The Benefits of Yoga


Hip Opening Yoga Poses

Taking part in a ‘hip-opening’ yoga class is either your best friend or your worst enemy, often it can be both at once. Some people love to feel the hips open while others hate the difficulty of it. Hips are a place where we hold a lot of tension, similar to the … Continued...

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Tips for Aging Well


Have a “Wellness Weekend”

Good health and aging well isn't about having good genes. Nor is it dependent on luck, either. Wellness is about your lifestyle. And though it’s nice to indulge in a glass of wine or two, maybe some chocolate and a "duvet day" once Friday night hits, … Continued...


Hypnosis to Lower Blood Pressure?

We have all watched enough television to know what it means when the physician asks the nurse, “what is the blood pressure?” We even think we know what the doctor is talking about, but do we really? Monitoring your blood pressure is simple and … Continued...