Ways to Relieve Stress


Why Consider Hypnosis for Stress?

Are you overwhelmed with stress in your Life? Stress is sneaky and you may not even realize how it is affecting your life. You may even feel that stress is normal and since everyone has it, it has become a normal way of life for you. So why is … Continued...

The Benefits of Yoga


Think You Hate Yoga?

So I meet people all the time who ask me about being a yoga teacher, my classes, my training, practice etc. When I ask if they have ever tried yoga, in their polite, well-mannered, I-mean-not-to-offend fashion, they often reply "I’m just not a yoga person", or … Continued...

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Tips for Aging Well


Does Acupuncture Work for Weight Loss?

If you're wondering if acupuncture works for weight loss please watch this short video. Heather Lounsbsury, a licensed acupuncturist in Los Angeles, explains how metabolism can be increased along with a reduction of food cravings through the use of acupuncture. … Continued...