Your Energetic Body – Becoming Aligned with Your Physical Body

12295350_sAligning with your physical body may have an odd ring to — especially it if you’re unfamiliar with your physical body serving as a road map to the hidden treasures within.

You are more than what you see in the mirror!

And by gaining a better understanding of this you will unlock the mysteries of your greatness so you can see, feel, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is so much more to your BE-ing!

Your physical body and vibrational frequencies

Your physical body is the most dense with the lowest vibrational frequency of all your bodies, which is why you can see it!

And is the physical manifestation of what is taking place within you.

In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio has determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62 – 68 Hz (Hertz).

A healthy body frequency is 62 – 72 Hz.

When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised, according to this vibrational frequency list.

Before you begin, knowing where you are at the onset of your journey allows you to see the distance you’ve traveled. So, just as you would check the fluids in your vehicle before embarking upon a cross country journey, let’s start by documenting the onset.

Keeping a body journal

Conduct a physical inventory of your physical body.

It will serve you well by keeping some sort of journal.  This journal will serve as your road map to self healing.  It will provide you with a physical means to track your progress.

Do a quick check of your aches and pains, any discomforts you feel in your body and all disease and illness.

Document all known conditions, ailments and so on.

Be gentle and kind to your Self, this is not you, judging you and your body, this is you, becoming physically aware of what is manifesting within your body. Once you have them all written out, put your journal away for now, we will come back to it later on in this series.

Just as you would care for the vehicle that drives you around town, so should you care for your vehicle that houses your Soul, your Spirit, your Temple!

Why, some may ask?

There are many reasons, let’s explore them:

Your vehicle (your physical body) is how you move around while in this life. How you care for it now will determine how well you get around and quite possibly, for how long.

To better illustrate this scenario, your car requires maintenance to keep it running and operating efficiently. At the very least, it requires gas to get you around, oil to keep the engine running smoothly and tires to allow the vehicle to move about.

Your physical body also requires fuel to keep you going, Chi or Universal Life Force Energy to keep you running smoothly and movement of some sort to provide you with the means to move about with ease.

The importance of nutrition

Nutrition, is one of the most important aspects of caring for the physical body, or “form” as I refer to it as.

Your physical body (form) requires nutrition to provide it with the energy and fuel that it needs to function at it’s optimal level and is probably the least respected.

Proper nutrition is vital to our survival.

We all know that…

  • boxed and processed foods
  • foods with nitrates
  • white bread
  • sugar
  • all foods which include chemicals and hormones

… aren’t the best of healthy choices.

Yet, in our modern, fast-paced society we are constantly bombarded with ads for fast foods, meals in a box, already prepared food, just heat and serve, all filled with chemicals, preservatives, even some include aspartame — a deadly substitute for sugar!

If you want to learn more about the dangers of these deadly substitutes, visit Dr. Hull’s site

They key?

Eat a diet which is somewhere around 70-75% of foods that are more alkaline in nature, organic, and as close to raw as possible.

The breath of life

Energy, our Breath of Life flows through each of us. It is often referred to as:

  1. Chi
  2. Prana
  3. Life Force Energy

It is thought that at the moment of birth, the Angels breathe Chi into your mouth and nose which is why you typically take your first breath outside the womb and why babies cry when they are first born! This energy, the Chi, remains with you until you take your last breath in this lifetime.

Prana, while remaining consistent with the teachings of Chi, also offer to us that this life force energy runs through our bodies along fine subtle channels. These channels are typically recognized as nadis.

I refer to them as our “energetic super highway”

No matter what you choose to call it or how you choose to embrace it, what matters is that you learn the effects it can have upon your body and your life if you do not consciously care for it. You only live once in this form and how you choose to live it affects you while you perform your task during this incarnation.

How does your energy flow?

Energy flows along several pathways.

If the energy flow becomes disrupted, it will slow and not flow properly. Typically, this will also begin to reflect within your own body. You may feel:

  • tired
  • sluggish
  • run down
  • not have enough energy to do the things you typically once completed with ease

To just to name a few

While you may write it off as “having a bad day” or “feeling out of balance” or try to convince yourself that maybe “you are coming down with something,” learn to train yourself to recognize that this is merely a signal from your inner flow of energy telling you that there is an imbalance, a disruption of some sort.

Typically what happens is we choose to ignore or discount these early warning signals from your own body.

Your body speaks — you must train yourself to communicate with it effectively.

The longer you continue to ignore what your body is trying to communicate to you, one or more pathways become disturbed and blocked creating a dam effect.

Now, once this dam is created it begins to affect whatever organ or system lies at the blockage or along a specific meridian line. This is how dis-ease and illness are formed within the physical manifestation of you.

Choosing to become more aware of your own mind/body language, creates a deeper and stronger connection to all aspects of your Self.

Movement and your Life Force Energy

Throughout your body and your etheric double body, there are numerous lines or veins which pump this life force energy through your bodies.

Your life force energy, or Chi/Prana, is just as important to your overall health and well-being as the oxygen pumping through your veins.  Without either one you would not exist.

There is no conscious awareness when it comes to ensuring the flow of oxygen, just as there is no conscious flow of the movement of life force energy.  However, through slow movement and stretching exercises or even dancing you can help your life force move more efficiently throughout your energy bodies.

When stress, anxiety, frustrations or any other emotion surrounds you I have found that getting some kind of movement going really helps to bring you back into the natural flow of energy that surrounds each of us.

This movement can be anything from…

  • brisk walking
  • connecting with nature
  • yoga
  • qigong
  • stretching
  • and my personal favorite, dancing!

Getting to Know Your Temple

Your form is your temple!

Your Temple is the vessel or vehicle which houses your Soul/Spirit. Let’s not lose sight of this very important fact. Spend some time in getting to know how yours feels… just as our fingerprints are unique to you as an individual, so is your energetic make up.

Getting to know how yours feels will help you in two ways:

First, when you make initial contact with your energy you will be paying special attention to how each area feels.  In the beginning it may be challenging to locate the imbalances.

Second, as you continue daily to check in and tune up your energies, you will become familiar with how you feel as a Light Being. When something feels “different” to you, you will feel this almost instantly and can then begin to have a dialogue with your body or energy to ascertain the root cause.

Your physical body is made up of 60 trillion cells.

You are the Commander of your vessel and your vessel is your ship, your form and the trillions of cells that make up your form are your soldiers!  As any good soldier does it takes orders and carries them out to the best of their abilities by the commander. So if you give an order to your cells to heal, they MUST do so — they must obey!

When you issue a command, such as heal that cut or wound, immediately your cells stand at attention, then rush off to follow their order.

There are many ways in which you can accomplish this.

You can have a conversation with the cells of an organ, a system, etc.  let’s say you are having digestive issues.  You’ve eliminated any medical causes, yet you seem to be somewhat sluggish. You’ve checked your chakras, they are balanced, you’ve gone through each meridian, each body and they are all in alignment. You’ve traced the feelings of  being uncomfortable and find nothing. So you make the decision that there simply might be a message from the digestive system.  You dialogue with this system, still nothing. In lieu of getting upset, you decide to issue the command to the core of your form, your cells, all the way down to your DNA, you ask it what it needs to be whole, then you issue the command to heal.

There are many ways in which your body can communicate with you, just as there are just as many ways in which you can communicate with your physical body.

Begin today to become acquainted with who you are, first, from a physical perspective.

Take the time, make the commitment to begin by taking inventory of your physical body, make the choice to add more healthy food choices, learn to tune into how the body feels when your life force energy is running at a lower level frequency then share with it some form of movement to get it “kick-started” once again.

Have fun with getting to know who you are on a physical level, engage in conversations with your self at the cellular level — if you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for the entire series on your energetic make up.

With amazing and brilliant love and light…