Your Energetic Body – The Seven Kundalini Chakras

15368978_sThe Etheric Double body is the first of several energetic bodies, which complete the blueprint of who you are in all your totality.

I, often refer to this as your House of the Kundalini Chakras.

The word “chakra” is becoming a more common, mainstream term, thanks to the popularity of the yoga craze!

Yet, there is so much more to the you that you see when you look in the mirror!

For many, the Kundalini chakras are all that has been known.

A great deal of time has been spent in researching what each center was and how each affected our physical bodies amongst other associations with our emotions and thoughts.

If you look around online it’s easy to see that a majority of sites all agree with the contents, locations, colors, associations and so on of each respective center. However, you’ll also see that there are others who are teaching something very different about these same chakras.

Let’s explore each one in more detail…

The Seven Kundalini Chakras

My mission is to bring about an awareness and deeper understanding of how these 7 Kundalini Chakras can become your road map, your treasure chest to perfect health and well-being, and to your spiritual growth.

The Root Chakra

root chakraThe First chakra is the Root Chakra it is located at the base of the spine. You can feel it by placing your hands right above the pubic bone.

This center relates to your family, your heritage, ancestors and how you relate to them.

It represents how grounded and connected you are to the Earth Mother and all her gifts of life and your well-being. It is through her that all life is birthed from within you.

How well you manifest and create will be in direct proportion to how grounded and rooted in the energies of the Earth Mother you are. Also how you embrace your passions in life and the degree to which you hold self value.

Hold steadfast your roots within the Earth Mother who nourishes, nurtures and fills you with unconditional love.

The Sacral Chakra

sacral chakraNext, we have the Sacral Chakra. It is here that we begin to move into our Self.

This encompasses our identity, our creativity and our self Worth and how we hold value of Self. The gift of life from Spirit/Source,  plants its seeds within each of us.

All things are first conceived, as a thought within the mind or womb of this chakra, combined with a spark of creative light within, making fertile the desires of humankind. Allowing these energies to permeate through all veins and limbs.

Often times if one has experienced abuse, namely sexual abuse, issues with their own sexuality or any type of sexual dysfunction, it will show up here in this center.

The Sacral center is located about half way between the pubic bone and the naval.

The Solar Plexus

solar plexusNow, let’s move into the Solar Plexus, it is just slightly above the naval. Strength, vigor and vitality burn as bright as the flame of the candle within.

How bright is your inner candle?

How is your will to live?

This is the center of “duality.” It is from within this center that many internal battles occur between good and bad, right and wrong and so on.

The dialogue here is within one’s power and sense of will. Power struggles occur naturally when this center becomes unbalanced. It is host to our masculine based energies and also reflects our Strengths and our Self-esteem.

This center also has a more “social mandates” through what I refer to as “social consciousness” or more Piscean energies.

The Heart Chakra

heart chakraOur next step along our journey leads us to the Heart Chakra.

This center is located in the center of the chest in between the breasts. It is our center of balance, our center where we experience deep emotions. It is where we hold emotions of loss and grief, yet joy, love and happiness as well.

It is the center which represents the level we have for Self, Beauty, Joy and Delight for all things in life is gift of this center.

Gratitude moves us into a new dimension of manifesting.

When gratitude for all life, all adventures, all situations and circumstances and so forth, places us within the substance of Source. It is from this aspect of Love and Gratitude that we can fulfill all our greatest desires.

There is no longer any room for sadness, loneliness, emptiness or any other emotion which lies within this center that is negative in nature. When any of these emotions fill your heart, call forth the energies of the heart chakra, the energies of love and joy!

My own personal belief is that women who experience breast cancer have an imbalanced heart chakra as they hold little levels of self love or they give far too much of their Self away to others, leaving nothing left for Self.

The Soul IS LOVE — when we deny this we deny Self.

This creates a disturbance within this center, if this disturbance is left unhealed, it shifts to a blockage or restriction in how your life force energy flows.

Often I find that many have some level of restricted flow through this center.

The Throat Chakra

throat chakraMoving on now to the Throat Chakra which you will find at the base of the throat right in the center of that U-shaped area.

Breathe in the gift of Life, the fire of light and allow it to flow through you as a bright light as bright as the sun.

Little has been shared in regards to the importance of this chakra.

Without this chakra functioning fully one will not have the abilities to fully manifest all that which they desire. As you embrace the power of your voice, to vocalize your dreams and desires, this breath of life is then carried out into the universe.

How many times have you expressed your Self using words of anger or hate. Not because your intent was to harm or punish another, but because you felt hurt, betrayed, deeply disappointed by another that you spoke out in ways that were not pure of heart? Only to see that, those very thoughts manifested and sometimes very quickly?

This is because we, as children were never taught how to feel “Positive” emotions as freely as the negative ones.

This is another main area I see imbalance, especially when it comes to the hormones.

I see this as having associations with the thyroid as the dialogue, within this center, is of self-expression, self-doubts, speaking up for ones Self and as feeling fearful of how others might perceive what you expressed or disagree with what you have vocalized.

Far too often as children we were encouraged to learn how to speak, only to be told later to sit down and be quiet, that ‘good little girls were to be seen and not heard!

The Brow Chakra

brow chakraMoving on we now experience the Brow Chakra or Third Eye.

This chakra is located in the center of the forehead and has it’s associations with receiving intuitive guidance and visions along with how we open to them.

Tap into the flow of the universal substance and receive the rewards of internal visions.

From this center you have the ability to view each chakra within each body.

Through this chakra you can determine where the blockage is located and what is at the source of this blockage. Through this chakra you can journey within your inner world and see all things.

It is through this universal substance of life that flows through you just as the streams and rivers flow through the Earthly Mother. Embrace the wisdom and the power of the energies of the universal substance. Bathe in the brilliance of this substance.

Do you trust in the wisdom of your intuition or do you discount it, judge it or often times ignore it?

Confusion is often a dialogue which the body will have with you if you are not listening to what the brow is trying to share with you.

The Crown Chakra

crown chakraLast we have the Crown Chakra.This center is located at the top of the head.

It can be identified as the area in which one calls the “soft spot” in an infant. This chakra is known by few as the “Ancient Chakra” and is one of the most important chakras of all.

While each center holds its own energies and importance, without this chakra being open, without you being fully connected to it, one will live from a lower life force energy. It is through this center that we develop Faith by being connected with Source and it is through this very connection that we become our greatest sense of Oneness!

There are ancient teachings about this sacred space.

It has been described as the “in between breath, that betwixt moment of breathing in and breathing out.”

This great sacred space is where form will drop it’s shape and step fully into it’s purest state, a Be-ing of Light fully connected to Source and entrance into the Eternal Garden is found.

By creating a relationship with your Higher Self it’s as if you are opening a direct means of communication to forces which are greater than your Self, whether you prefer to call this God/Goddess/Source, Creator of All That Is, when you become disconnected, all things in your life seem to be out of balance, nothing seems to flow smoothly and it seems that you may always feel as though life is a struggle.

Daily practices of meditation and a quick “check in” with each of your centers, or chakras, will help you to identify when and where a blockage has occurred.

Through this daily self-care you will become familiar with how your chakras feel to you — and quickly identify when one (or more) of your Kundalini Chakras require your attention.

Next we’ll discuss how to detect when and where an imbalance or blockage may become manifest and what to do to bring your chakras into balance.

With Love…